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Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Winter 2022 Issue 20

Norfolk County is known as ‘Ontario’s Garden’. In this issue, we put a microscope on the farming, processing and consumption of a heavy-weight in that garden: potatoes.

This county contributes significantly to Ontario’s high levels of production, with about 4,000 acres of land being farmed for potatoes. Although a humble tuber, it is a staple food, and Norfolk farmers contribute significantly to the staggering 50-plus kilograms of potato products available per person in Canada. We have dedicated a 24-page section to all-things potato!

Learn more about Canada’s production statistics, the history of potato farming, and how the industry is recovering after the pandemic-related dip in “The Resilient Canadian Spud”.

In “The State Of The Potato”, United Potato Growers of Canada’s General Manager, Kevin MacIsaac takes time to answer our questions about Canada’s challenges with blight, rising production costs, and how the industry survived the Atkins Diet fad by publicizing the many health benefits of the vegetable. Find out here just how much it costs farmers to produce that ten pound bag of potatoes in your pantry, and learn which country currently just cannot get enough of our French fries!

Turn pages to hear from farmers on the subject of innovation and growth, and hear their heart on how much they care about what ends up on your plate. With over 150 varieties registered for commercial production, Canadian potatoes are diverse even before chefs turn them into hundreds of delicious dishes.

It is our hope that, the next time you enjoy a big bowl of mashed potatoes, a snack of chips, or the all-Canadian poutine, that you’ll have a greater appreciation of the challenges, advances, and good old fashioned work of the Norfolk potato farmer.

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