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  • Norfolk Farms is published 4 time per year. All farms in Norfolk County also farms in the Burford and Mt. Pleasant area of south Brant County.

  • This  targeted circulation includes Norwich, Otterville, Burgesville area of Oxford County including Tillsonburg rural routes in the Courtland area. Also the farms in the Jarvis in Haldimand County.

  • The total mailing exceeds 2,200 farms and is endorsed by the Norfolk Federation of Agriculture. 

  • All delivery via Canada Post 

  • Norfolk County has 196,400 acres in production.

  • The County is number  1  by acreage with asparagus,cherries,ginseng,peppers,squash,zucchini and strawberries.

  • Number 1 acreage in the Province of Ontario with sweet corn, apple, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots , raspberries and lettuce.

  • This information from  the  2016  Canadian censes.

  • This market exceeds $519 billion market. Tobacco is also a major crop grown in this area area with 180 growers.

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