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Publisher Dave Douglas

Norfolk Farms publication is a connection to the news and information that take place in a farming community located South-Western Ontario Canada!

   Norfolk Farms is published 4 time per year.   All farms in Norfolk County also farms in the Burford and Mt. Pleasant area of south Brant County .

   This  targeted circulation includes Norwich, Otterville, Burgesville area of Oxford County  including Tillsonburg rural routes in the Courtland area. Also the farms in the Jarvis in Haldimand County.

The total mailing exceeds 2,200 farms and is endorsed by the Norfolk Federation of Agriculture. 

All delivery via Canada Post 

Norfolk County has 196,400 acres in production.

The County is number  1  by acreage with asparagus, cherries, ginseng, peppers, squash, zucchini and strawberries.

Number 1 acreage in the Province of Ontario with sweet corn, apples ,potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots ,raspberries
and lettuce.

   This information from  the  2016  Canadian censes.

This market exceeds $519 billion market. Tobacco is also a major crop grown in this area area with 180 growers.


Dave Douglas

Cell: 519-429-0847

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I want to compliment you on putting out such a great issue for Winter 2022. The sexy cover model Thistle with her owner Charlotte was an eye-catching touch.

The extra length issue was every bit as good as the others I have read. It's really good to keep up with all that is happening in our wonderful Norfolk County. It is certainly one of the best places in the world to live which you keep showing us in ever publication.

Keep it up!!

Rick Corewin

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