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Flux Brewing Co. celebrates transition from hobby to passion to career

There is virtually no limit to the amount of great ideas hatched over beer in a big-screen-sports-supported man cave. The number which meet scrutiny in the full light of day is smaller, actually coming to fruition smaller yet, successfully so, an even finer fraction.

Flux beer
Flux beer can be enjoyed in the comfort of its rural-themed taproom, or by the light and warmth of a winter fire.

Jeremy Hansen and Braden Cronmiller.
Flux Beer Co. represents the transition from hobby to passion to career for co-owners Jeremy Hansen and Braden Cronmiller.

But brothers-in-law and business partners Jeremy Hansen and Braden Cronmiller not only defied those odds, they did so in the midst of a global pandemic. Beyond that, creating Flux Brewing Co. on Oakland Road near Scotland has inspired a loyal clientele willing to share their journey through thick, thin, Omicron and winter weather, showing up in windchill-defying snowmobile attire to enjoy craft brew around a snowswept fire.

“I never expected to see that,” Hansen admitted. “But it’s really heart-warming in the fact we have customers willing to make that sacrifice to come out and support us. It gives us the confidence we’ve got a good thing going and we can continue to grow and evolve our business.”

As befitting a vision formulated over Hansen’s home-brew, Flux features a variety of beer options created in conjunction with a brewmaster, reflecting his years of experience.

“A brewery for a community,” says Hansen, which by his definition extends welcoming invitation across the rural/urban divide to all walks of life and beverage palates.

“A bit of something for everyone,” he says of intentionally ‘approachable’ beer ranging from lighter, easy-drinking choices through Eye to Eye Irish Red Ale and Rocket Science Chocolate Milk Stout to ‘a couple of sours.’

“Which are really, really on trend right now.”

Flux also offers diverse IPA options - a personal Hansen favourite - from the more traditional through dry-hopped incarnations higher on aroma and lower in bitterness.

“To keep it interesting for ourselves and our customers, we try to have a cross-section and rotate our lineup around a recognizable core,” explained Hansen.

One of his greatest satisfactions is consultation with new customers who may have preconceived notions surrounding craft beer, or had a negative previous experience.

“We like to see about changing that.”

Taproom design underlines concept development inside a former horse barn, a classic rural theme with repurposed antique beams, doors and hardware framing panoramic vistas of farm fields over a one-acre pond.

Food services offered through partnership with a taco truck are evolving with the planned summer addition of a chef to the current cohesive, committed four-member staff.

“Great pairings of food and beer and what goes well together,” summed up Hansen, thrilled to see Flux Brewing Co.’s progression from hobby through passion to career.

“It’s exciting and we’re still keeping growing.” 

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