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Clark Agri Service Brings Innovation to Waterford

In 1994 Clark Agri Service was formed when The Clark Companies purchased the Dunnville Co-Op, but their farming roots go back almost 100 years. They are a family that is passionate about delivering quality services and products.

Clark Agri Services facility Waterford
Clark Agri Services facility Waterford

They are committed to continuously developing their offerings. They are constantly seeking out products and solutions that will help you make the most of your farming operation while giving growers the best possible crop yields each year.

On April 12, 2019 Clark Agri Services closed on the purchase of the former Cargill location, 807 Thompson Road, Waterford. The company now owns two agricultural retail facilities with the other being 4891 Canborough Road, Wellandport. With the two locations they will be able to service their customers better and more efficiently. The Clark Companies head office is located in Caledonia. Clark Agri Service is very excited about being part of the Waterford Community and has been welcomed by the local community very nicely since acquiring the location.

Operations Supervisor for the Waterford location, Phil Burley, CCA (Certified Crop Advisor) states “We have a strong team working here and are proud to have them representing Clark’s. The location currently has three Certified Crop Advisors on staff to help answer complex row crop or horticultural questions growers may have. We are here to help farmers maximize their crop yields” notes Phil.

Since taking over the business Clark Agri Service have done a lot of interior and exterior work and have made a substantial investment in improvements. They have added additional staff and increased the amount of equipment for delivery of products to the local farmers. In addition, they have added new product offerings in seed, crop protection, and fertilizer. A great crop requires more than just quality seed. What comes out of the ground is a direct reflection of what you put into it. They also offer a full line of top brand name crop protection products that will ensure to keep weeds, bugs and disease at bay. These can be delivered direct to your farm via bulk truck loads, skids, totes or bags depending on your needs. Phil

Burley shares that “with decades of experience, our Agronomy team can provide you with the crop inputs, services, and horticultural resources needed for a more resilient, more profitable farming operation.”

Burley adds “There’s a brand new, state of the art fertilizer tower and receiving system being installed right now.” The previous equipment that was functioning for over 20 years, is being replaced. “The replacement tower is scheduled to be going up the first week of February. It’s kind of like building with Lego blocks. It’s mostly pre-fab then craned up and assembled. The older tower will be coming down in the summer”. The new system will also have the ability to add specialty fertilizers and stabilizers to customers’ blends. “We are installing a high tech and very automated liquid impregnation system that allows you to add a liquid treatment to dry fertilizers. This helps make essential nutrients more available for crops at key stages of growth.”

Some of the features of the new system are the 140MT Fertilizer Tower & Reclaim System; two Weigh Hoppers with a Sacket-Waconia Precision Mixer; Liquid Fertilizer & Stabilizer Impregnation System and a new Fertilizer Receiving System. The new system is fully computerized and automated so that accuracy and reliability is guaranteed. Burley notes that

“We are very excited to bring this investment in new technology to the Waterford area”.

If you would like to contact their Waterford office for more information, or to set up a personal tour of the location, you can call them at 519-443-8684 to set up an appointment. You can also stop by to talk to one of their crop specialists at any time. 

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