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Through The Generations

Updated: Feb 8

It is refreshing to see farm families continuing traditions that their family members before them began. Generations Marketplace and Learning Center, located on the 13th. Conc. of Townsend, is the brainchild of Heidi and Mallard Mungal. While the land may have been ‘repurposed’ over the years it remains a thriving farming operation.

Heidi & Mallard Mungal, owners

“We are 5th. generation farmers committed to promoting sustainable farming practices, such as organic and regenerative agriculture to ensure that our land is healthy and productive for our family and future generations. Edward Jackson was the first generation to farm the land, Charles was 2nd. generation, Edward the 2nd was 3rd. generation and Jim, my Dad, was the 4th. generation. We strive to promote biodiversity and conservation of natural resources on our farm” states Heidi Mungal. “We have 100 acres here and it was hard to reenvision the land to do things sustainably while working with the ecosystem around us”.

There’s nothing like ‘learning by doing’ and that’s exactly what the family has done. “None of us had any education…we have about 200 animals we had to learn about and we grow about 50 different kinds of produce”. As we strolled the farm Mungal explained that everything has a use or purpose on the farm…bees for pollination, rabbits for natural fertilization along with the cattle, turkeys, pigs, goats…they are all an important part of their farming ecosystem. As Mungal explained “The farm is sustainable…the animals benefit the gardens and the gardens benefit the animals”.

Fresh from their fields Produce for sale

In the Marketplace, opened 4 years ago in the homestead house, you can find baked goods, preserves, pork products, fresh from the field vegetables...quite an array of goodies to be had. “I’m in the kitchen every day at 5:30 am making fresh bread” adds Heidi. As if that isn’t enough to keep Mungal busy, she and her hubby Mallard decided to open a Learning Center. Open to the public it offers a variety of classes and programs for all ages with more events planned for down the road. 

“It’s an old garage that we converted so we could bring in programming for kids and adults. We’re partnered with Speech Hens out of Simcoe. It’s a speech and food therapy program. We go out to the garden and pick one fruit or vegetable a day. We pick them, bring them back into the classroom and then create a food. The scraps and leftovers go to the animals, continuing the cycle”.

Heidi checking just one of the many crops

“We have a 12-week gardening program for kids where participants get their own plot. They learn what and how to plant, we talk about it, they weed it, they learn about good bugs and bad bugs then they get to harvest their crop and share it with their family”. These sessions are one hour long and they were happy to have 8 in the first session offered.

There is a registration fee for these programs and, unfortunately, some families cannot always afford the cost so they would gratefully accept anyone who would like to sponsor a child for this program. They were quite happy when they were able to get one sponsor for a child in their first class.

The farm is always busy! Once a month they offer Homesteading classes where participants learn cooking, baking, making lip balm, worm composting …”I’m an idea person and I love coming up with new ideas”. They have hosted school trips, day care centers, horticultural group…any size group or age that shows a keen interest. “We also offer adult gardening classes, bee keeping, canning, cooking…I’m always coming up with new ideas” adds Heidi and some of the upcoming events are listed on their Facebook page.

Inside the homestead store

You are invited to visit the farm and homestead during their Fall hours of Wednesday and Thursday 9 to3, Friday 9 am to 5pm and Saturday 9 to 3.. They are located at 200 Concession 13, Townsend right here in Norfolk County. The Generations Marketplace occupies the farmhouse that has stood in the same place for over 100 years. The layout remains close to its origin and it continues to nurture families and make memories for new generations. 

Be sure to check out their website at and Like and follow them on Facebook at Generations Marketplace and Learning Centre. You can also give them a call at 519-718-2273 for info on any upcoming workshops or events.

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