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Premium Early Sweet Corn Using Plastic Mulch

How Welsh Brothers Are First To Provide Fresh-Picked Flavour In Every Cob 

Transport Truck hauling fresh produce
Mulit-generational farm, Welsh Bros, has been delivering premium produce for decades.

Those driving down Windham Road 3 in Scotland, Ontario, may have noticed an unusual and progressive sight- corn under plastic sheeting, providing a ‘greenhouse effect’ to generate early crops. They do this by planting their corn into “biodegradable mulch covers”, also known as Ag Plastics or Plasticulture. Row covers, large cloth that blanket their fields to retain heat, combine with the plastic to obtain a very early start to their premium GMO-free sweet corn, for which demand is very high. “Simply put, the plastic mulch allow us to respond to consumer demand for our local, premium, sweet corn,” says President & Chief Farm Officer of Welsh Bros, Charles Welsh. Once temperatures rise, the corn, already off to a strong and early start, is freed of its row covers which are rolled up and reused for years to follow. The farm utilizes just over 500 acres to produce their premium flavoured, robust-sized sweet corn, with another 80 acres of land used for asparagus production. They also grow some hard corn, soybeans, and wheat for crop rotation purposes.

The production of these high-demand crops is completed by a local team with the help of offshore workers from Mexico, St. Vincent, and Jamaica, many of whom have been employed by the business for decades, totalling about sixty farm workers in all.

“Welsh Bros have been farming the lands of “Ontario’s Garden” – Norfolk County for more than 160 years, and during that time we feel we’ve learned a thing or two about growing Premium Fresh Produce.” says Charles Welsh. In fact, when the Ontario Food Terminal started in 1954, the grandfather of the brothers was there on opening day selling sweet corn.

The brothers still continue to sell sweet corn, and premium asparagus, to independent grocers and markets throughout the province via the very same Ontario Food Terminal their grandfather sold at from day one. Additionally, they have many restaurants and foodservice establishments as valued customers, who return year after year because Welsh Bros have extremely high quality standards consumers have grown to trust as reliable without fail. “We sell the majority of our sweet corn to local independent grocers throughout the province from our stall at the Ontario Food Terminal as well as at the Farm,” continues Welsh. “Whatever their need, be it a couple of bags or a full truckload, we are honoured to serve them!”

“What is most important to us is that we grow produce that delivers great taste,” says Charles

Welsh, “a taste that has customers drive out of their way to find Welsh Bros sweet corn. One of my favorite comments from a customer is: ‘I prepared an incredible steak dinner for my guests this past weekend…and ALL they talked about was your sweet corn!’ This makes us very proud!” 


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