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OFA: 2023 Year in Review

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

To further support our rural areas and local farm communities, OFA developed the Revive Fund. This program offers our 51 county and regional federations the opportunity to apply for additional funding to plan, develop and launch new projects and initiatives in their local communities. The Revive Fund aims to help our farming and rural communities enhance the profile of the agriculture industry in Ontario.

The intention is to support our grassroots members and agricultural communities by giving back in a way that can make a positive impact through the implementation of tangible activities. These initiatives focus on health and wellness, agriculture education, local food promotion, environmental stewardship, leadership development and farm safety.

We are proud of our local Federations, who have stepped up with initiatives to create something better for their communities.

Bill 23 Lot Severances 

OFA applauded the Ontario government for proposing to override existing municipal Official Plans and Zoning By-laws to intensify housing development within existing urban boundaries by permitting up to three additional residential units per lot.

Vet Act

 OFA supported the government’s efforts to modernize the Veterinarians Act by addressing key areas including the scope of practice, oversight and authority, and the complaints and resolutions process.

Fertilizer Tariff

OFA welcomed the opportunity to work with the federal government on a resolution to fertilizer tariffs.

Contact for more information

Larry Davis 519-449-2690  and  519-758-7693

Will Stoneman     905-746-4071

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