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Norfolk Farms: Winter 2024

Updated: Apr 25


There is not a vegetable so widely used in North America, as is the potato. The potato just never seems to go out of style - and certainly never goes ‘stale’. There is a ready and enthusiastic demand for potatoes, no matter what the time of day, no matter what the day of year.

Since 1960, the Canadian per capita consumption came in at about 180 lbs (82 kg) with very little fluctuation to present day. However, what has changed is Canada’s population. In 1960, Canada had a population of about 18 million, and now sits at 40 million! That is a lot of people to feed, and accordingly, production had to increase. And it did, both in yields and land put-to-production.

While still in its infancy, even the Yukon and North West Territories are finding success in commercial potato production. This is of particular interest and importance, since Canada’s far north has a high rate of food insecurity, which is defined as: where situations exist when people lack secure access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food. Due to near 24-hour sunlight days in midsummer, is the equivalent of extending an already-short growing season by about 30 days.

Potato production has come to depend upon a great many factors including input costs, weather conditions, varieties, and a host of other factors. And while the research community is contributing to the overall success of the potato industry, theory is not fact. While theory helps the scientists work out many problems, it will not feed the nation; that is done by you! ... the hard-working farmers of this broad and fertile land! And, as long as the potato is being produced, there ought to be lots to eat ... in this Land-Of-Plenty.

Welcome to Norfolk Farms, Issue #28.

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