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Norfolk 4H Dairy Show

Updated: Mar 6

Two of the most popular Thanksgiving weekend shows at the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show continue to be the youth dairy competitions. Youth aged between 11 and the early 20s exhibited in both the Norfolk Dairy 4-H Achievement Show and in the Norfolk County Youth Show. Pictured above from the 4-H Achievement show are (left to right) Drew Gibbons, Connor Boyd, Holly Carpenter, Emily O’Neil, Amelia McHaud, Johna McHaud, Stein Baxk, Hannah Simpson, Lauren Moore, Kailyn Ansley, Liz Sullivan, Bronia Helder.

Featured in the second competition are (left to right): Alexandra Huth, Addison Caskenette, Avery Lesage, Hannah Bishop (behind), Stella Boterberg, Demi Yetman (front leaning over), Shelby Yetman, Logan Milmine (front), Garrin Springham, Mvita Oud, Christine Gowans, Holly Carpenter, Nya Oulette (on Holly’s back), Sydni Annon, Lily Davis-Hales, Nico Oud, Jordan Parsons, Kailynn Parsons, Monica Velt.

Norfolk 4H Poultry Club at Norfolk Fair

The Norfolk 4-H Poultry Club and their chickens came out in good numbers at last October’s Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show. Participants were (left to right, back row): Rebeka Martin, Nya Ouellette, Christine Gowan, Olivia Armstrong, Bronia Helder, Cyril Sanderson, Jordan Parson; (Front Row left to right): Elwxys Nobes, Jordyn Ramphal, Madelynn Lentendre-Bradford, Betty Webb, Owen Hoo, Dakota Mark, Alexandria Huth, Greyson Knorr, Vivian Adam-DeVoogdt

Norfolk 4-H Llama Club

These four exhibitors lacked stage fright as they waited for the 4-H Llama Club competition at the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show in October: (left to right): Jordan Parson, Sydni Annon, Holly Carpenter, Christine Gowans.

Norfolk 4-H Cloverbuds Christmas Party

Christmas 4H group Picture
Ranging in age from six to eight, these Norfolk Cloverbuds spent last year exploring the hands-on fun and learning that 4-H has to offer. Celebrating their experience at their Christmas party are: (back row, left to right): Vivian Adam-DeVoogdt, Josie Knorr, Averie Nadeau, Roxy McLarty, Tobias Lediard, Josh Krawchuk, Joey Letendne-Bradford, Stella McLarty, Christine Docker; (Middle row, left to right): Koltyn Townsend, Raven Jonckheere, Sam Vince, Oliver Vince, Katie Wiedrick, Chelsea Balsor (front row, left to right): Elliot Knorr, Kendra Whitehead, Hosanna Sinke, Madeline Battersby, Avery Pizzey

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