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Winter 2021

In this issue, Norfolk Farms puts its ‘eyes’ on potatoes in Norfolk County.

A valuable component of ‘Ontario’s Garden’, the 2016 census confirms Norfolk’s potato acreage is number one for the province.

Check out our special section dedicated to a crop representing huge business in Norfolk. Beyond the statistical analysis, we believe you will enjoy a feature on Charles ‘Chuck’ Emre’s innovative coupling of potatoes with a cover crop utilized as a natural fumigant, Gary Godelie’s ‘have potatoes, will travel’ experience insights into farmers’ markets, Steve and Brad Blizman’s Delhi-area operation, and Gerdon and Diane Brokstra’s ownership of the Norfolk Potato Company.

Norfolk Farms also reaches to the sky in this issue, illuminating Chris Hedges’ approach to high-density apple orchards. Production and volume are crucial to growers, who statistically in the county produce 46,000 pounds of apples on 2,000 acres, representing a farm gate value of $14,404,000.

We believe that these features and others included in the issue both represent Norfolk’s agricultural diversity and economic impact, and make great reading.

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