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WAFMA is Back in Business

It started out as an unofficial ploughing match – just a bunch of guys getting together for some fun.

A volunteer at the WAFMA Heritage Days forks wheat into the thrasher.

They brought out their old tractors, they enjoyed a banquet together. The idea took shape and grew for something more permanent; the location of the museum came available and was purchased, although with no buildings.

More guys joined up and the idea grew bigger. The Big Barn was the first one built – it was moved there from a location on Highway 3 and reconstructed. The bridge was from the Lynn Valley Sideroad which was a mud road at the time. It acquired a new deck and few years back. A hip roof barn was next, moved in the early hours of a day. Various other barns were purchased or donated with there now being a total of 11 buildings, which include the Barrett Barn, the Schuyler Barn (from Simcoe), the Jack Doughty Barn (from the estate), the Wobham Barn which was originally located next to Leisure Living (George Miller). In addition there is a wood planing mill (Gord and Allan Miller) and a steam engine (came from Doug and Neil Porter Lumber, rebuilt by members). Railway equipment came from Hagersville (Michigan Central). A wooden silo (Murray Hammond) and a Blacksmith shop built by members are also on site. All work is done by volunteers.

The last building moved to the location is the old railway station that stood in Jarvis where Tim Hortons is now. This required a new roof, which was completed about four years ago, and completely funded by donations. This building is open to the public every Wednesday from 1 to 4 PM or by appointment. There is no admission fee, but donations are welcomed.

There are well over 50 vintage tractors at this museum, as well as many other older items, small and large – lots of things to peruse.

Prior to Covid, the museum was busy with various functions including barn dances and suppers. This all stopped during Covid, as did in-person meetings. Membership dropped during this time as some members passed away and others moved on or discontinued their membership. The group is always looking for new members ($25 per year membership fee).

A number of trees grace the area in front of the buildings. These were planted by the membership in memory of members who have passed, a tribute to their involvement.

2022 saw the Heritage Days Weekend from July 30 to August 1. In addition to all the regular displays, a craft show, yard sale, demonstrations, car show, and fun things for the kids were offered to visitors. A good turnout of visitors enjoyed the even

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