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Velocity Green Launches Revolutionary Sustainable Bio Solutions for Canadian Farmers, etc.

Norfolk County, Ontario - Velocity Green, a leading sustainable bio solutions company, has announced the launch of its innovative live-brewed bacteria, ACF-SR, for Canadian farmers, greenhouse operators, and livestock owners

The company’s founders, James Bradshaw and Michael Sheppard, together with Scott Walker of DSW Enterprises, and the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, have produced some of the most significant biological trial work with Ontario vineyards, berry production and vegetable crops to date.

“With 5 beneficial bacteria species to rapidly enhance your soil and plant health, ACF Fruit and Vegetable can safely and quickly accelerate the health and growth of your soil and crops,” said James Bradshaw, co-founder of Velocity Green.

ACF-SR is a powerful biofertilizer that enhances soil health, improves crop yields, and reduces environmental impact. It is a blend of naturally occurring bacteria that are live-brewed, delivering a diverse spectrum of plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB).

“Our mission is to support a healthy and sustainable agricultural industry that benefits both growers and the environment,” explains Bradshaw.

The launch of ACF-SR is expected to have a widespread impact on the Canadian farming industry. As more farmers adopt this sustainable solution, they will be able to increase their yields and reduce the impact of farming on the environment.

“What’s exciting for us is seeing growers from our own backyard – Norfolk County, Oxford & surrounding areas – leading the way as the first adopters of this innovation bio solution,” said Bradshaw.

For more information about Velocity Green and their innovative bio solutions, visit


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