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Spring 2020

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Benefits of Soil and Crop Improvement Association

What do student bursaries, rainfall charts, webinar workshops

and producer education seminars have in common?

All are activities associated with the Norfolk Soil and Crop

Improvement Association, held for the benefit of local farmers.

Soil testing, conservation management and environmental

farm plans along with research on soils and crops also fall

under the umbrella of this organization.

There is a need for more people, especially in the south

eastern part of the county to become rainfall measuring stations.

Data produced from rainfall measurement is of benefit

not only to farmers but for research and natural resources.

Producer education is a big part of the important work the

Association does, as there are always new challenges facing

the producer. As climate appears to be changing, there needs

to be different methods or different crops to consider to work

within new normals.

The Norfolk Soil and Crop Improvement Association is there

to help in navigating change and adaptation.

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