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Norfolk Attracts Buyers

It’s been said that Norfolk County is #1 in agriculture in all of Ontario. 

We are the leading growers of such crops as asparagus, tart cherries, peppers, ginseng, pumpkins, squash and zucchini…among other vegetables. Farmer’s Markets are a common sight throughout the county with a huge selection of fresh produce in all ‘corners’ of the County. Our soil is conducive to growing a varied selection of products. All of this makes owning a farm here in Norfolk very attractive to many buyers.

In speaking with local realtor Adam DeGroote, I learned some interesting stats on farm listings and sales.” According to the statistical data prepared and provided by the Brant and Norfolk Real Estate boards, there have been 11 Norfolk farms sold through the open market in 2024 so far. The average acreage of these sold farms is just over 67 acres, the average sale price is $1,485,000, and the average days on market is 74. This time last year, the average sale price of farms sold was almost $100,000 higher, with the exact same average of 74 days on market, which does align with my own findings that the farmland market in Norfolk has softened a bit over the past year.”

DeGroote’s experience has shown him that there are a number of Buyers waiting for the “right farm” to come up, with financing arranged and ready to deploy. “The issue I am seeing is that the properties that these buyers are searching for, generally high quality sandy-loam soil with access to water, nice straight lines and expansive acreages just aren’t coming on the market very often.” He went on to add that much of what we see lingering on MLS are the hobby-type farms with smaller workable acreages, a home and older infrastructure which were all the rage two or three years ago… during Covid times. Now those farms are more difficult to finance and pay for and not as well suited to today’s professional farming operations.

In Norfolk, DeGroote is mostly seeing farmers looking for land for veggies, tobacco, ginseng, and cash crop use. “Most farmers are middle aged and older but I have seen an influx of younger generation farmers contacting me looking to help expand their families’ operations and grabbing more land, which is very nice to see” adds DeGroote.

One can never fully predict the real estate market but, at present, Norfolk is attracting more and more visitors and those interested in establishing ‘roots’ here in perhaps the most beautiful place around. 


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