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Meet your Local Ag Experts

Timac Agro Canada brings the best Ag advisors closer to your farm

Backed by nearly 60 years of research and development in Europe and products tested across the globe, Timac Agro brings to Canadian markets a unique and impressive fertilizer line coupled with an innovative business model. They have a global network of 2,400 agronomic experts visiting 20,000 farms per day all over the world.

The company is scaling rapidly in Ontario with a considerable presence of agronomic technical experts in close proximity to the growers, including two, who hail from the Norfolk region.

Tyler Nightingale is the regional manager for Central ON and covers various counties such as Norfolk, Haldimand, Brant, Wellington, Waterloo, Niagara, Grey and Simcoe. He grew up working on his family’s vegetable farm in Norfolk County, and later went on to pursue a degree in commerce from the Lang School of Business in Guelph, Ontario. He worked as an accountant for a public accounting firm before joining Timac Agro. “The ability to work closely with the local growers, to present them with farm focused and sustainable solutions with the shared aim of moving farming forward is what makes Timac Agro stand out”, says Tyler. “This year we ran a lot of trials on a variety of crops such as apples, green beans, ginseng, soybeans, winter wheat and have seen positive results and better yields so far”, Tyler adds.

Another agronomic expert covering the Norfolk Counties in addition to Niagara South and Haldimand is Emily Robins who has been working with Timac Agro Canada since October 2020. Emily’s involvement with her family farm spurred her interest to pursue a career in agriculture and she obtained a bachelor degree in agricultural science from the University of Guelph. In addition to cash and horticulture crop development, she also specializes in soil sampling methods and pest identification. Excited about Timac Agro’s highly effective fertilizer line, Emily says “We’ve seen unbelievable field trial results this year in the Counties with Timac’s Top-Phos, Excelis Maxx and Fertiactyl and I am looking forward to helping farmers grow the most affordable bushels next season”.

If you are interested in learning more or have questions about optimizing your yields, contact:

Tyler Nightingale at | 226-567-5585

Emily Robins at | 289-455-4955 

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