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Ingredients for Norfolk County’s WINERIES & BREWERIES

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Looking for more information about local wineries and breweries? Norfolk Farms has you covered... we are fortunate to have an amazing collection of wineries and breweries within Norfolk County and we would like you to experience them all.


Norfolk County Wineries



Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery, now owned by Howard Crocker and Corry Curtis, balances an authentic agricultural experience with the sophistication and class of an estate winery. Enjoy a glass of wine or hard cider as you explore our expansive grounds, where vineyards, prairie grasses, lavender fields and a natural wetland await you. They produce red, white and rose wines, hard apple ciders, and lavender products.

Do you grow your own grapes? Grapes in the Bonnieheath vineyards include reds: Frontenac, Lucy Kuhlman, Marquette, Maréchal Foch, Petite Pearl; and whites: Frontenac Gris, La Crescent, Seyval Blanc.

More information: Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery, 410 Concession 12 Townsend Rd, Waterford, ON, N0E 1Y0. Phone (519) 443-7125 •



Burning Kiln Winery is perched atop the shore of Lake Erie, overlooking the UNESCO World Bio-sphere of Long Point, nestled among the trees of the Carolinian forest, and in a region built on the backs of farmers who worked this soil for generations. With a recent past that saw the decline of tobacco farming that sustained the area’s economy for decades. With the strength and perseverance of the people that came before them, a group of passionate locals got together with an idea to rein-vent Norfolk County’s agricultural story. In 2007 the first vines were planted in the sandy loam soil of a former tobacco farm. While the vines were tended, the existing homestead buildings were reimagined as a winery. Work began on the former tobacco pack barn to make room for wine production and visitors. The doors to the winery opened to the public in 2011 and has been welcoming wine lovers ever since. After a decade in business, Burning Kiln Winery, has continued to grow and now hosts an on-site patio restaurant, Canned Heat, as well as a variety of events, weddings, live music, overnight accommodation in, The Farmhouse, and a large assortment of winery experience tastings and tours.

Do you grow your own grapes? Yes, 27½ acres total of Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Savagnin, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot.

How do you harvest and produce? We hand pick and hand harvest. We make all of our own wine on our estate.

More information: Burning Kiln Winery, 1709 Front Rd, St. Williams, ON, N0E 1P0. Phone (519) 586-9858 •



At Front Road Cellars | Blueberry Hill Estates, the insistence upon only the best for our wines be-gins in the field, where premium fruit and grapes are bathed in Southwestern Ontario sunshine and only the highest quality is utilized. Our winemaker Nick Vranckx is the eldest son in the family and a graduate of the Cool Climate Oenology and Vi-ticulture Institute (CCOVI) at Brock University. He has completed harvests all over the globe including time in Germany, New Zealand, Chile, and Oregon, U.S. Nick’s winemaking goal is to let each fruit express its true character with minimal intervention in the cellar. Each sip of our grape and fruit wines are meant to be savoured. Whether that’s on the back deck, sipping a pint of cider while grilling dinner or pouring your new favourite red for friends — our wine is more than what’s in the bottle, it’s about the experience it creates.

Do you grow your own grapes? Our family-run farm in St. Williams is home to 6 acres of grapes, and 16 acres of blueberries. We have a wide variety of both vitis vinifera and hybrid grape varieties, including Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Caber-net Franc, Gamay, Marquette, Baco Noir, L’Acadie Blanc and Petite Pearl.

More information: Front Road Cellars / Blueberry Hill Estates, 1195 Front Rd, St. Williams, ON N0E 1P0. Phone (519) 586-8712 •



The Hounds of Erie Winery is a boutique, dog-friendly winery comfortably located on 23 acres of gorgeous farmland in Norfolk County. Situated within the rich, fertile soils of the Great Lakes basin, the property has been hand planted with unique vines and apple trees used to craft high-quality wines and hard ciders. The family-based business has one clear mission: To share the property and pas-sion for all things wine, hard cider and dog-related with each guest. As an eco-friendly winery, Hounds of Erie has partnered with the local Alternative Land Use Systems (ALUS) program to develop species-at-risk habitat and pollinator zones for local flora and fauna. The owners believe in providing a place for nature amongst the vineyard and orchard cano-py where guests will see all sorts of wildlife at play. From the first weekend in April until the end of De-cember, the Hounds of Erie winery is open Satur-

day and Sunday, 11am to 5pm. During the off-sea-son, free delivery service (for selected geographies) and curb-side pickup is available.

Do you grow your own grapes? Yes, 5+ acres of Marquette, Petite Pearl, Crimson Pearl, Frontenac Blanc, L’acadie Blanc, Saint Cliche, and Petite Louise varieties.

How do you harvest and produce? Grapes are harvested by hand with the help of our customers, family and friends at our annual harvest party. We produce red and white wines, fruit wines, and hard apple ciders.

More information: Hounds of Erie Winery, 377 7th Concession Rd ENR, Clear Creek, ON N0E 1C0. Phone 519-420-9097 •



Smoke&Gamble / Frisky Beaver is both grower and producer of distinct wines using cool-climate procedures along with selective use of the Appassimento process. Located near Port Dover in Norfolk County, Smoke&Gamble / Frisky Beaver has two fantastic wineries under one roof. The winery is the closest one to Port Dover, home to sandy beaches, artisan shops, acclaimed restaurants, urban cafes, and charming B&Bs. As our guest you’ll be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable hosts who will introduce you to delicious wines and a beautiful winery, surrounded by captivating country life.

Do you grow your own grapes? Yes, 5 acres of Vidal, Riesling, Baco Noir, and some are contract-ed from other vineyards.

How do you harvest and produce? Mechanical harvesting is used. Currently they produce red and white wine, and in the future, spirits.

More information: Smoke&Gamble / Frisky Beaver, 455 Radical Road, Norfolk, ON N3Y 4K2. Phone (519) 900-2751 or (450) 232-8371 •



Inasphere Wines is a small 105-acre farm winery located along the shores of Lake Erie in St Williams, Ontario. Primarily a quality based vegetable farm we look to continue our values into our new wine venture. Our winemaker Ryan Bosgoed grew up in Norfolk County and studied at Niagara College. The winery offers many different estate wines and farm fresh produce when in season. Perfectly situated overlooking the vineyard and farmland, you are invited to come by and sample some of the unique flavours Inasphere Wines has to offer.

Do you grow your own grapes? We currently grow 7¾ acres of Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Grigio


How do you harvest and produce? Everything is hand harvested. We make all our red and white wines on site.

More information: Inasphere Wines, 1454 Front Rd., St. Williams, ON N0E 1P0. Phone (519) 586-7935 • Email Facebook:





Wooden Bear L Winery was started as a value-add-ed business for the owners’ apple orchard entity, Calmark Orchards. From these apples and other varieties sourced in Norfolk, they produce varietal and blended apple wines and cider products. They also produce grape wines and other fruit wines. Raw materials used for these products are also sourced locally. Their philosophy: produce small batches of product, using only locally sourced raw ingredients. Adhering to a winemaking process using less abrasive procedures to maintain natural flavours, aromas, colours and textures. Wooden Bear L has won domestic and international awards for their wines produced.

Do you grow your own fruit? Yes, 50 acres of apple orchards: McIntosh, Empire, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Ida Red and Spy.

What do you produce? Fruit wines from apples and cherries. Hard apple cider.

More information: Wooden Bear L Winery, 801 Norfolk St S, Simcoe, ON, N2Y 4K1. Phone (519) 426-1100 •


A big thank you goes out to...

ONTARIO SOUTH COAST WINERIES AND GROWERS ASSOCIATION Ontario’s South Coast is home to award-winning grape and fruit wines, fresh fermented hard ciders, and exceptional craft-brewed beers and spirits that truly reflect the history and character of the region. A long, warm growing season makes this area the perfect place for growing grapes and hops along-side other local produce. Between sips, explore beautiful beaches, meandering bike trails, fresh fruit and vegetable stands, and vibrant culinary scene.

More information: Ontario South Coast Wineries and Growers Association, P.O. Box 528, Simcoe, Norfolk, ON N3Y 4N5 • • Instagram


Norfolk County Breweries



Norfolk County’s newest brewery, Backyard Brew-ing Company, features fresh ingredients from their own backyard, and an ever evolving, never-the-same beer selection. Norfolk local Brewmaster Sarah Fritch aims to make interesting beer experi-ences with unique flavours and styles.

Where do you source your ingredients? Hops come from the Great Canadian Hop company, Saskatoon berries from Rowen Farms, peppers from the Garlic Shack, and other produce from the Cider Keg Farm Market. We are also putting in gardens to grow our own fruits, hops, herbs and whatnot. We’re also always looking for more local people to supply ingredients.

More information: Backyard Brewing, 3035 Front Road, Simcoe, ON, Canada N0E 1W0. Phone: (226) 884-5191 •



Blue Elephant is a craft brewpub serving up fresh brewed beer and fresh made-in-house food in a casual friendly atmosphere. In traditional European fashion, the house-brewed beer of Blue Elephant Artisan Brewery (located at the restaurant of the same name) is crafted in small batches with no ad-ditives or preservatives. Well known beers include Gentlemen’s Pilsner (launched during the Mumford and Sons Gentlemen of the Road Simcoe Stopover), Dark & Stormy Black Lager, Red Devil Amber Ale, Outlawger Pale Lager, IPA, and Summer Harvest Strawberry Lager. Our fresh ales, lagers, pilsners, and specialty brews are available in cans, howlers and kegs.

Where do you source your ingredients? We use local barley, wheat, hops, and pure water. We use a lot of hops from the Great Canadian Hop Yard over by Pine Valley Golf Course. Any of our beers made with other ingredients such as strawberries and pump-kin are all sourced locally, too.

More information: Blue Elephant Craft Brew House, 96 Norfolk St S, Simcoe, ON N3Y 2W2. Phone: 519-428-2886 •



Charlotteville Brewing Company is a family owned and operated on-farm brewery and certified organic hop yard. Every beer we make plays on a traditional style, but each one has its own unique characteristics to make it something that’s truly ours. We use four basic ingredients (water, malt, hops and yeast) to make our fermented libations. However, we also like to experiment with seasonal ingredients too. Our quality craft beer is honest, easy drinking, and fun.

Do you grow your own ingredients? We do grow our own ingredients. We have a large garden and a number of trees / bushes that provide us with products - like rhubarb, red currants, elder-berry, etc., which are used in a number of our seasonal beers. We also grow our own hops, which can be found exclusively in our flagship beer Local 519 (an English pale ale). We get fruit or vegetables like strawberries, cherries, peaches, pumpkin, and paw paw from different farms in the local area. We’d love to have access to more local grain, but we’d need more farmers growing grains and maltsters to process those grains.

More information: Charlotteville Brewing Company, 1207 Charlotteville West Quarter Line, Simcoe, ON N3Y 4K1. Phone (519) 619-7868 •



Three young guys, brothers and cousins, always talked about building something together. Their shared background in farming and drinking beer together led them to open the Hometown Brew-ing Company. Available at liquor and beer stores across Ontario (and some in Nova Scotia), Home-town also operates the “SeaCan” and the Marsh-view at Long Point Eco Adventures, where beer can be tasted and purchased. Their beers include Southern Ale, Hazy Susan IPA, Organic Wild Wheat, and Blue County Blueberry Saison, which contains 17% blueberry juice, given it a distinct co-lour and flavour.

Where do you source your ingredients? The blueberries used in Hometown’s Blueberry Saison are all grown by EZ Grow Farms of Norfolk County. Hometown also grows its own hops (about half an acre). Not a lot are needed since their beers aren’t hoppy. Coconut for their “Coconut County” beer is sourced from Klassic Coconut in Simcoe. Home-town would like to source malted barley locally, but currently it is grown and processed on a macro scale by other Canadian companies.

More information: Hometown Brewing Company, 1730 Front Road, St. Williams N0E 1P0 •



Meuse Brewing Company is a farmhouse brewery located on a 25-acre farm just south of Scotland in Norfolk County. They want to bridge the gap between our European roots and our Norfolk County home using traditional brewing practices. Meuse Brewing has set up a barrel aging program, repurposing both red and white wine barrels from Norfolk County wineries.

Do you grow your own ingredients? On 11 acres of workable land they work with a neighbouring organic grain farmer to grow Newdale barley for use in beer production. After harvest the barley is sent to Harvest Hop and Malt in the Guelph area for malting. Their flagship beer, Saison de la Meuse, and Extra farmhouse pale ale are brewed with their own barley.

What other local ingredients do you use? Meuse Brewing beers use Cascade, Chinook, and Centennial hops from Hayhoe Hops in Elgin County. They are very interested in incorporating locally grown fruits and they have two beers with Norfolk Cherry Company sour cherries: the Cherry Saison and the Kriek, a Belgian-inspired barrel-aged sour. They work with Potter Farms raspberries for Framboise, and Norfolk County grown pawpaw fruit for the barrel-aged Pawpaw beer.

More information: Meuse Brewing, 1853 Wind-ham Road 3, Scotland (Norfolk), ON N0E 1R0. Phone: (519) 709-9327 •



New Limburg Brewery opened in September 2015 as a microbrewery. The family owned and operated company is housed in a converted old school in the hamlet of Nixon in Norfolk County. Specialized in traditional Belgian style beers, which are brewed on site in the former gymnasium and sold in the retail shop. The Belgian Blond, IPA, Wit, Dubbel, Tripel and Quad are award-winning brews. Typical for these Belgian style beers, they undergo a second fermentation in the bottle, enhancing the taste and carbonation. To add to the experience while visiting New Limburg, they serve European style snacks, house made, stone-baked pizzas and freshly prepared, healthy dishes in the bistro style bar/dining room. Two large patios at the back and one at the front are open during the season to provide safe distance areas that can accommodate many patrons.

What local ingredients are used? New Limburg Brewery uses local hops from HayHoe Hops and King Lake Farms.

More information: New Limburg Brewery, 2353 Nixon Rd, Simcoe, ON N3Y 4K6. Phone: 519-426-2323• 



Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm is a microbrewery, which produces 11 varieties of hops and 9 varieties of premium craft beers, is also a manufacturer of kettle chips. The location north of Delhi offers a restaurant and patio with a complete line of hearty food options from burgers, chicken and vegetarian platters, chicken wings and artisan pizzas. Samplings are always available as well as flights of beers and by-the-glass service. Retail beer options of kegged, bottled and tall-boy sixpacks. They also stock a great selection of Picard’s Original Snack products and ice cream.

Do you grow your own ingredients? Yes, 4 acres of hops, including these varieties: Brewer’s

Gold, Sterling, Williamette, Mt. Hood, Fuggle, Nugget, Centenial, Galena, Cascade, Zeus, and Hallertau.

How do you harvest and produce? Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm uses a custom harvester. Beer is produced on-site at the brewery.

More information: Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm, 2970 Swimming Pool Rd, La Salette, ON N0E 1H0. Phone: (519) 582-1444 •


Elgin County wineries



Quai du Vin is nestled amongst the vineyards in the picturesque rolling hills of Elgin County. Located 3km north of Sparta, Ontario, there you will sample fine wines and experience spectacular events. With vineyards first planted in 1970, the focus is the established winemaking and retailing operation that feature and compliment the vineyard and the scenic location.

More information: 45811 Fruit Ridge Line, St. Thomas, ON N5P 3S9. Phone 519-775-2216 •



Rush Creek Wines is a unique one-of-a -kind winery operation that features over 23 different wines made from a host of unique fruit grown in the region. It is located approximately 2 miles from the shores of Lake Erie and is proudly one of the finest fruit-based wines manufacturers in Ontario carrying on the tradition of handcrafted wines. Rush Creek Wines was founded back in the early 1990s when the owners of the day required a use for the extra fruit harvested from the farm. Originally an orchard, the property was transitioned into a crop farm with an abundance of fruit plants and bushes that provided the proper Ontario ingredients for delicious fruit wines.

More information: Rush Creek Wines, 48995 Jamestown Line, Aylmer, ON N5H 2R2. Phone (519) 773-5432 •


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