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Hey, Norfolk Farming Community! Norfolk Compaction Day Needs Your Help!

Norfolk Compaction Day is fast approaching, and the committee is seeking specific pieces of equipment for which we would like to evaluate its impact on compaction on sand (which is an issue!). Whether you choose to submit pieces of equipment or not, it is guaranteed to be a great day of learning and includes lunch and coffee break!

Please review the list below to see if you are able to contribute from your equipment lineup. If there is something that you would like to see that we have not captured in the list, please reach out and we will see if there is space to include it in the testing. Email Michael Vanhie at with the piece(s) you would like to bring. For additional Info please checkout this website

Please note a couple of conditions about volunteering your equipment for compaction testing.

1. Initial testing will occur on Aug 1st and 2nd, so please have your equipment at the site on Aug 1.

2. At this point, the Compaction Team cannot predict the results from the equipment that would be worth showing to the audience on Compaction Day. Therefore, many pieces of equipment will be tested on the preliminary days but only a handful with noteworthy results will be presented on the actual event day of August 3rd. If you donate equipment, we ask that you please leave it at the site until the event is complete in case the committee decides to include your equipment on show day. If it is not included on show day, we will still have data to share with the equipment owner.

3. Equipment is meant to be evaluated with a full load. Be aware that if your equipment has some type of hopper, it will be filled (either with product or some type of weight to mimic the load).

4. If you volunteer equipment, rest assured we will have a security guard monitoring the equipment overnight to deter thefts.

5. Our event volunteers will be driving equipment 1.5 km down the road between the weigh station and the test site. Unfortunately, we cannot obtain insurance on the equipment through our insurance provider, so if you are concerned your current policy will not cover this event please opt for more coverage. Again, unfortunately, this will be at your expense, though keep in mind you will receive valuable data for equipment specific to your operation.


Self propelled sprayer with skinny and fat tires

Sprayer with CTIS

Pull type fertilizer spreader

16 row centre fill planter

16 row box style planter

Manure spreader

UAN applicator

Grain buggy with tracks

Grain buggy with singles

Grain truck

Tractor with duals

Tractor with singles

Loader tractor with floatation tires

Tractor with CTIS


Irrigation traveller

Ginseng sprayer

Tobacco harvester

Potato digger

Watermelon harvester

Asparagus picker

Event Promotional Poster - Click on poster to link to more info about this event!

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