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Canada’s Cornucopia

The Summer Issue 2023 is available today!

🌞 Dive into the vibrant world of Norfolk Farms this summer! The Summer issue is here to delight you with fascinating stories that celebrate the bountiful harvests, passionate farmers, and breathtaking landscapes of the picturesque Norfolk countryside.

✨ Discover the tale of the Jarja Floral Corp, a multi-generational farming dynasty known for their innovative techniques growing tulips in water. Follow their journey as they revolutionize crop cultivation and inspire a new generation of farmers.

🍓 Indulge in a mouthwatering feature on Norfolk's hidden gem, LuLu’s Orchards. Delve into the secrets of their succulent berries, and 25 apple varieties. This family farming story will give you a new appreciation for farming in Norfolk.

🌾 Unearth the story of a rural community coming together in the face of adversity. Follow the resilient farmers who weathered a challenging season, conquering setbacks and forging a stronger bond with their land. Be inspired by their unwavering spirit and determination.

🌻 Immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes of Norfolk as we take you on a visual journey through sunflower fields, verdant vineyards, and golden wheat fields. Let the breathtaking photography transport you to a world where nature reigns supreme and tranquility abounds.

Don't miss a single page of the Summer issue of Norfolk Farms! Grab your copy today and experience the magic and charm of Norfolk's flourishing agricultural heritage. Let the stories within inspire and ignite your love for the land.


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